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Moderator Application

Should CaptainPlanetWithMetalArm become a mod

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1Moderator Application Empty Moderator Application on Mon Aug 27, 2012 9:35 pm

#1) Name on server: CaptainPlanetWithMetalArms
#2 ) Steamid: STEAM_0:1:45950187
#3 ) Do you have a mic: Yes but I do not use it often but I am trying too.
#4 ) Why we should pick you over everyone else: I am on the server often I figure why should I not be able to have my fun there and be able to help others and keep things in line at the same time.
#5 ) You're relationship with others on the server: Not respected, liked by some in my opinion I find the admins like me more than the normal players. The reason is cause I go around killing alot.
#6 ) Current Admins that Recommend you for the position: Unknown456
#7 ) What (if anything) could you provide the server (besides being a good moderator): Honestly not much.
#8 ) What experience as an admin/mod on ANY other server have you had in the past: I'm a moderator on Wave's server but then again everyone is.
#9 ) Pick any server crime (like spawnkilling, nodmg abuse, etc) and tell us how you'd deal with it: Well with spawncamping I would warn them and start doing what I do to jerks normally, follow and kill them, and if they continue I would put no damage giving them no ability to spawn camp. I would be willing to take it off when I believe they have learned there lesson.
#10 ) tell us a little about yourself (3-5 Sentences): I am 16, I am humorous and a great eco-hero. I am not a brony but why discriminate agaisnt them or anyone actually. I am all for same treatment to everyone no matter what and I have a short temper sometimes sadly.

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2Moderator Application Empty Denied on Fri Dec 28, 2012 8:21 pm

too old

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