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Should i become a Moderator?

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1Should i become a Moderator? Empty Should i become a Moderator? on Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:17 pm

i think i would be a great Moderator because of the following reasons:

1). i never break the rules. [but the only time i do it is because i just f*ck around]
2). i will [u]never abuse my adminship, but if you got me mad, i would smite you just once to leave me alone.
3). i've always wanted to experience the wonders of being a Moderator on the server.
4). if i were a Moderator, then i would be fun to hang around with when an Admin's not on.
5). if a player is spamming the Mic in dm_mariokart2_b3's World 1-2, they will be smited.
6). to me, being a Moderator would seem to be fun, but with the restrictions of certain commands, that would be fine with me.
7). i don't have a mic yet, and plus i dont know how to use HLDJ that much, so thank god i don't blow your eardrums out.
Cool. i know all of the admins on the server, so if you think you'd get away with spawncamping or other unallowed things, i would report you to SulfurousChain for further questioning of your punishment.
9). i always play on SulfurousChain's server, whether i'm bored or not. i play it for my amusement and for fun.
10). i will do the above for as long as when i become a Moderator.

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2Should i become a Moderator? Empty denied on Fri Dec 28, 2012 8:17 pm

admin vote failed

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