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Moderator Application By {MANN} Medicshy The Mad Doktor

Should {MANN} Medicshy The Mad Doktor Be Mod???

Moderator Application By {MANN} Medicshy The Mad Doktor Vote_lcap33%Moderator Application By {MANN} Medicshy The Mad Doktor Vote_rcap 33% [ 1 ]
Moderator Application By {MANN} Medicshy The Mad Doktor Vote_lcap67%Moderator Application By {MANN} Medicshy The Mad Doktor Vote_rcap 67% [ 2 ]
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#1) Name on server: {MANN} Medicshy The Mad Doktor
#2 ) Steamid: STEAM_0:1:33736577
#3 ) Do you have a mic: Yes
#4 ) Why we should pick you over everyone else: I get ride of the trolls who troll the admins. Abusing the admins is very bad for the server, because then the admins get bullied. I would support the admins, and give the person a warning (Maybe sometimes when trolling, but mostly when it comes to admin abuse, spawn camping, breaking rules, and hacking). I want the server to be friendly, so then everyone can get along, and not break the rules.
#5 ) You're relationship with others on the server: Im not sure if i have any friends who are admin on the server, and i also don't know who likes me or not Sad
#6 ) Current Admins that Recommend you for the position: Im not sure if anyone has recommended me who is an mod. They only people who recommend me as are friends of mine, and some people who are not friends but know me when i come on to the server. If any admin from the server recommends me, just give me a shout.
#7 ) What (if anything) could you provide the server (besides being a good moderator): My whole life i really wanted to make custom skins for a server. If there were (maybe there is!) any programs for mac that would let me make skins/maps/etc, i would make some for all the admins on the server, because the server admins are like friends to me! I would also contribute some skins of my own.
#8 ) What experience as an admin/mod on ANY other server have you had in the past: I have been an admin on Megamanfan's server ever since i got back on last summer. Im not currently admin there anymore, because the main owner hates bronies Razz
#9 ) Pick any server crime (like spawnkilling, nodmg abuse, etc) and tell us how you'd deal with it: Spawncamping: Im really good when it comes to spawn camping on the other server i was on. I would first let the guy know not to spawn camp (if he was new to the server i would just tell him, but if he did it again i would give him a warning), and give him a warning. The next warning will give him a warning to his finally warning, and if he he does it one more time i will kick the person, and when he/she comes back on i will say please do not spawn camp anymore, and after the day i will reset the person's warnings back to 0. Abusing the admin (Calling Him/her names, Bulling, etc): I have had people abusing me, and the other admins on the old server i was admin on, and what i would do is tell the person to take 10 deep breathes, and tell me what is wrong. If he gets to out of control, and starts to call people names, bully them, and be racist to admins, then i would kick them for an hour, and when they come back on i will give them one warning, and if that one warning is broken, then i will kick him for more then 1 hour.
#10 ) tell us a little about yourself (3-5 Sentences): I am 14 years old (About to be 15 on November 18th), and i am a brony. I don't like it when my friends, or my steam friends/server admins/ random people who are nice, get bullied. I love Team Fortress 2, and i love to play games and giveaway free items (EVEN HATS!) that i find on the ground. My favorite admins of this server are Tempy (BEST PONY), Fedora (NICE GAMES!), Iron Potato (EVEN THOUGH HES A MOD, HES SO NICE AND HE IS STILL MADE OF IRON!), Deity Link ( GOOD JOB BRO ON THE MAPS!), and Sulf (Sulf you have made this server a friendly environment, and a lot of people love to play on your server, EVEN ME! You have done a good job, and i want you to achieve more! The server needs you! Now, run off my friend, and HAVE FUN!)

Thanks for your time guys!

{MANN} Medicshy The Mad Doktor


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2Moderator Application By {MANN} Medicshy The Mad Doktor Empty denied on Fri Dec 28, 2012 7:51 pm


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