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[GMG] Team Chat Broski's Mod Application (Le Pyro)

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#1) Name on server: [GMG] Le Pyro
#2 ) Steamid: 0:0:45682433
#3 ) Do you have a mic:No
#4 ) Why we should pick you over everyone else: I love to work well with others, and I would like to get things done, and I want everyone to be happy and everyone to be a part of this server.
#5 ) You're relationship with others on the server: I don't have any current relationships with anyone on this server.
#6 ) Current Admins that Recommend you for the position: Tempy, and Iron.
#7 ) What (if anything) could you provide the server (besides being a good moderator): I will make more maps that everyone on the server could use. New ponyspencer music, and also, add new mods meaning for example: jetpack, em, piggyback, etc.
#8 ) What experience as an admin/mod on ANY other server have you had in the past: I was a admin on a server achievement_idlebox_ for 5 months.
#9 ) Pick any server crime: I would pick spawncamping for example, and if they spawn camped. I would give them warnings, and if they do it more and more times, I will kick them, and even ban them for more time.
#10 ) tell us a little about yourself (3-5 Sentences): I am 11 years old, I am a brony, and I live in Chicago Illinois. I have 2 brothers: Medicshy, and Snake. My favorite pony in MLP because I am a brony is Twilight Sparkle. I like to get things done, and I think I am a very responsible person.

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2[GMG] Team Chat Broski's Mod Application (Le Pyro) Empty approved on Fri Dec 28, 2012 7:49 pm


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