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new system for mod apps

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1new system for mod apps Empty new system for mod apps on Fri Dec 28, 2012 8:05 pm

due to the massive amount of mod apps being submitted, and so you have some feedback, im going to start denying mod apps as well as approving them. Things that make a mod app subject to denial:
#1 if it hasnt been approved within 2 weeks of being submitted (and if its denied for this reason, you can most definately post another one)
#2 unacceptable behavior in server, in forum, in group, or in pms
#3 high level of immaturity demonstrated in app, in server, in group, or in pms
#4 if when the admin vote is called, it is denied
#5 banned from the server
#7 poor attendance on server
#8 (in the case of medicshy) I just really don't like you.

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