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Yeah, it's The Jewish Spy's mod application. We all knew this day would come.

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#1) [DJ] The Jewish Spy
#2 ) STEAM_0:1:33572534
#3 )Yes, I do have a mic
#4 ) I think i'm pretty well-liked overall, I'm friends with alot of the mods on this server, and thus know alot about such. I have no life and am on the server often.
#5 ) I believe I'm petty well-liked on the server
#6 ) My <3 "The Iron Potato" told me I wouldn't be a bad mod after telling me how much he loves me
#7 ) I take requests on music to play, which puts people in a pretty good mood.
#8 ) I was a moderator on a few minecraft servers, I think...
#9 )1: Spawnkilling: First, it starts with a smite and a rule repeation. Secondly, I start to hunt them down. I lurk in the shadows, striking at critical moments prior to annother execution of a spawned player. What's that? He continues his onslaught of the innocent? Simple. He is kicked. But oh no! He came back and refuses to stop! You can't spawnkill while stuck in a dark corner. 2: Crimes against fashon: I provide them dirty hats to spruce up their character.
#10 ) Yeah, I'm 15 years old. I do music requests for the people on the server. Much like Nintendo, I ususally just play the nostalgia card on unrequested songs as it is the easiest and most widely enjoyed. I'm not a brony, but I really dont mind people who are. I'm kinda a grammer nazi, and I don't like people who disrespect others on the server. So yeah, that's not really it, but I'm already surpassing the 5 sentence limit.

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pls respond ;_;

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