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parappa the rapper mod app

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1parappa the rapper mod app Empty parappa the rapper mod app on Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:35 pm

#1) Name on server: PaRappa the rapper
#2 ) Steamid:0:0:5445311
#3 ) Do you have a mic: yes just don't like to use it
#4 ) Why we should pick you over everyone else: I am very active in tf2 mostly in your server and I have experience being a admin
#5 ) You're relationship with others on the server: most people like me some times a little annoying for backstabbing
#6 ) Current Admins that Recommend you for the position: Dare says I will be good mod because I follow rules and im mature
#7 ) What (if anything) could you provide the server (besides being a good moderator): I would provide maps or games to play
#8 ) What experience as an admin/mod on ANY other server have you had in the past: I was a admin on a Idle server
#9 ) Pick any server crime (like spawnkilling, nodmg abuse, etc) and tell us how you'd deal with it: I would deal with disrespecting an admin or mod by first telling them to stop disrespecting the admin or mod if they do it again I would happy them in chat or if they have mic I would mute them if they abuse happy I would gag them and that should solve the problem.
#10 ) tell us a little about yourself: I am 15 and live in Jacksonville, Florida. I am a gamer and love movies. Sulfs server is my favorite server to go to because of the people there.

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