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Pseudo's Moderator Application

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1Pseudo's Moderator Application Empty Pseudo's Moderator Application on Fri Feb 08, 2013 12:31 am

#1.) Pseudo
#2.) SteamID: {STEAM_0:0:50744866}
#3.) I do have a mic.
#4.) I always try my best to be polite, and type clear, understandable statements. I also have respect for what everyone believes; Bronys', RP' people, etc.
#5.) I have a group of regulars on your server that I like to be with, (I assume they must like me, if they let me be around them) and I try to be nice to everyone. I don't have any negative relationships with anyone on the server, I think.
#6.) I don't have any mod recommendations, but I haven't asked any of them. I feel that to ask would be awkward an unnecessary.
#7.) When it comes to people, I try my best to deliver fluid, coherent responses that anyone could understand. I feel that this might be helpful when disciplining someone who does not understand what they are doing wrong, or if writing up a post, or other important messages.
#8.) I was the main player on Greg is a HUGE jerk's server. We talked often, and he let me call the shots, sometimes. I'm also a leading contributor of written language in the (Very) small group, T-SEK.
#9.) Spawn-killing: I have been a victim of repeated spawn-killing in the past, and have thought of many ways to punish the spawn-killers. The most fair action to take would be to first send the person back to their spawn and plant them with a warning. If they repeated the offense, I would (if possible) make it so they couldn't leave their spawn for a little while. Then, if they continued killing people in spawn after that, I would temporarily ban them. (This ban would last from hours, to days, depending. I feel that completely banning someone would lose the server players, and we wouldn't want that, would we?)
#10.) My name is Mark, I am 250 years old, and I live in Maine. I have been playing tf2 for a little under a year now, but I know all the hats, the strategies, and most of the "lore". I have always tried to be reasonable with people, and try to come to a compromise in most situations. I play on your servers quite often, and I really enjoy and appreciate all the mods, players, and general atmosphere of them. I think that all people should be treated with respect, unless they blatantly show signs of disrespect to others. The other moderators are typically very nice to me, and I aspire to be like them.

Thank you for taking the time to read my moderator application, I really appreciate it.

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